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Latest Recipe: Toffee meringues

Who’d believe that something this yummy can be made out of egg whites? You only need 3 ingredients – golden caster sugar, light soft brown sugar and egg whites. They’re crisp on the outside with a soft, fudgey toffee centre. Recipe taken from one of...

Banana & nut slice

Why choose between a banana loaf and a cereal bar? This does both with a slightly sweet banana taste and the crunchy oat and nut texture of a bar.

Berry & apple muffins

Light, moist and full of flavour, we probably make these berry muffins every couple of weeks, make them and you'll see why. They take about 20 minutes to prep, less if you can persuade the kids to help.

Strawberry Galette 

Galettes were invented to make amateurs look like pros. Trust me, make this and your friends will be impressed.